Miriam Rose Kinunda

This 45 year old Tanzanian woman who started blogging in 2004 teaches her viewers through YouTube videos how to make healthy and delicious Tanzanian meals. She Cordialis Chipo- @africadietician. Her passion for educating Africans about the importance of healthy eating came after she lost her mom. Since then Chipo’s goal is to ‘improve health’ in Africa, with her blog- The African Pot of Nutrition.

Born in Washington, DC USA
Hungry? Then let NATIVSOL feed your soul with pan-African inspired meals to heal and restore heritage foods into your life. NATIVSOL brings passion and talent to equip you to cook, shop and eat your roots as medicine.

Founded by the culinary nutrition creative and National Geographic's Traveler of the Year, Tambra Raye Stevenson for traveling through Africa hunting for foods as medicine, NATIVSOL (pronounced "native soul") shares the food and wisdom of our ancestors to renew our lives and the community. Born out of love to heal, NATIVSOL believes preserving our the rich traditions of our heritage and creating new healing traditions are key to building a vibrant legacy for our future.

NATIVSOL is leading a movement to engage people to renew their health, restore their kitchen and reclaim their heritage to improve their lives. The Western diet has contributed to diet-related diseases plaguing the community now putting our youth in jeopardy. Research compiled by Oldways Preservation Trust shows that people who retain their traditional diets have better health outcomes.

NATIVSOL knows the importance of creating healing meals for families. That’s why we share our knowledge to empower you. NATIVSOL means creating New American Traditions Including Values of Sustainability, Organic and Local with a touch of Spirituality, Oneness and Love.

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Additional product and service offerings: catering, master classes, food marketing and communications, brand ambassador, nutrition education, recipe development, product development and market research.
Nma Okpara

As a young girl, Nma disliked cooking, but gradually she fell in love with the art of creating simple meals to entertain others and herself. The need to celebrate Nigerian meals and teach others a simpler method of preparing them inspired the She also has plans to showcase Africa’s exotic cuisines through her “Dine Africa” project.

Oumou Bah

Born in Guniea, this 24-year old is the founder of Kadi African Recipes and the French site, Oumou began experimenting with cooking from an early age with her mom and has tried several recipes. Her blog and Instagram page feature West African recipes where she shares her knowledge with thousands of viewers and followers around the world.

Sanjana Mdha

Sanjana, a British born, Indian/East African is a food photographer, a vegetarian and a featured celebrity chef at Food Network.  Her blog- KO Rasai chronicles Indian and East African recipes and colorful food pictures.