Atim Ukoh

With a unique style, Atim, a full time Nigerian chef who runs a restaurant in Canada, educates the world about Nigerian food. With about 11,000 Instagram followers, Atim is definitely making her mark in the food blogosphere.

Chef Cyril Agbachom
Chef Jean Claude Michel

Big Willy’s Restaurant

Chef Yohanis Hailemariam

Owner: Antica Restaurant

Freda Muyambo

An African cuisine expert writer at, this Ghanaian born electrical engineer was raised in Botswana and brings her love for food and cooking to a global audience through her blog. With features in publications such as the African Economist and the Guardian, Freda is challenging the myth that African food is unhealthy.

Kamini Pather

MasterChef SA winner, but you can catch her every Tuesday at 10h30 on Heart1049FM and watch her new food-travel show, Girl Eat World, on the Food Network, DSTV Channel 175.

Lillian Elidah

Owner: Twaala Restaurant

Miriam Rose Kinunda

This 45 year old Tanzanian woman who started blogging in 2004 teaches her viewers through YouTube videos how to make healthy and delicious Tanzanian meals. She Cordialis Chipo- @africadietician. Her passion for educating Africans about the importance of healthy eating came after she lost her mom. Since then Chipo’s goal is to ‘improve health’ in Africa, with her blog- The African Pot of Nutrition.