Food Cuisine Training Program

Linking experiences, strengths and activities of AfDB’s ENABLE Youth Program and the Hivos Sustainable Food Entrepreneurship Support Program resulted in a unique training module connected to the ideology of the Food Cuisine Platform to support African ‘Agripreneurs’ to create more sustainable food systems throughout the continent.

Innovative youth for Sustainable Change

Self-employment and entrepreneurship functions as an ideal gateway for job-creation, income generation and has the ability to tackle various socio-cultural, economic and environmental dilemmas within the food systems of Africa. We perceive the art of running a business as a creative process, where different pieces come together and are more than the sum of its part. Connecting local young entrepreneurs, tailored advisory programs, green and inclusive business accelerators and (inter)national investor networks with projects on the ground can amplify the socio-cultural, economic and environmental impact. Sustainable Food Entrepreneurs deliver services and/ or products that are in one way or another superior in terms of price, performance, availability and social and environmental impact. We target specifically in young and/ or female entrepreneurs as they hold the key to a more sustainable agri-food sector in Africa and beyond.  The five-step approach related to a three year national program includes:

  • Mapping and connecting exciting and new entrepreneurs
  • Financial support
  • (tailored) Advisory support and training
  • Matchmaking
  • Linking, learning and scaling

The Disrupt!FOOD! training module

The main training events related to the Sustainable Food Entrepreneur is called Disrupt!FOOD!. It is an event where some of the main components of the agri-food sector come together, but with the agripreneur at the heart of the activities.

Five steps for change

Based on years of experience and implementation, we designed a module that takes the best from traditional business training and combines it with design thinking and other tools. This resulted in the following five components


Through our programs, networks and offices we are able to find agripreneurs with a disruptive edge. These entrepreneurs have the potential to create socio-cultural and environmental impact besides being economically sound businesses


The Disrupt!FOOD!-event is a key event for all stakeholders active in the longer-term process of capacity development and support towards more sustainable production and consumption of food


Key components of the training evolve around access to knowledge, market and finance. But also focuses on improving investment readiness and the value proposition of the businesses


Different sources of finance are needed at different stages of the lifecycle of a company. During the Disrupt!FOOD! we provide information, but also connect, train and have an investor matchmaking component added to the Disrupt!-module


Access to market, knowledge and finance is all about reaching out and connecting. We bring in stakeholders from all levels of the agri-food sector (i.e. Government entities, financial agencies, suppliers and marketeers) together. This is directly linked to the digital Food Cuisine platform for maximum support and outreach