BCE is Southern Africa’s leading supplier of kitchen utensils, industrial cookware and commercial kitchen appliances to the hospitality and foodservice industries.
We operate through an extensive network of 450 accredited dealers. Our dealer network services the entire African Continent as well as the Indian Ocean islands.

For a list of accredited dealers, please contact our toll free customer service hotline on 0800 332 537 / 0800 DEALER (for callers outside South Africa please contact us on (+27 11 210 2000) or visit our website
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Catersales Pty Ltd

The Bidvest Group Limited is an international, investment holding company listed on the JSE Limited South Africa in the Industrial-Support Service sector.
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Coated Fabrics SA (Pty) Ltd

Coated Fabrics (SA) (Pty) Ltd is a family run business, which was established in 1989 with the intention of producing various industrial coated fabrics both for the local South African, as well as export markets.
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Decocraft a div of Brandcorp (Pty) Ltd
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Game Catering Range

Game has recently launched a new catering range. We stock branded and un-branded, quality, catering equipment and supplies. From glassware, storage, crockery and utensils to cutlery, cookware, servingware, urns and slow cookers. The range is available at 47 dedicated Game stores throughout South Africa and available on request if not in a store near you.
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Gearhouse SA Pty (Ltd)

Specialists in Lighting, Audio, Audio Visual, Rigging, Structures and Power.

Gearhouse South Africa started out with a little equipment and a lot of imagination. Today, with more state-of-the-art equipment and experience than any other event technical supplier in South Africa
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JCP Hotelware
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Njeremoto  Biodiversity Institute
12 Northdale
P.O Box 135

Osmond an Ashoka Fellow, (Social Entrepreneur) since 2003; environmentalist, agriculturalist and most of all a traditional leader of the Chief Svosve clan, born on 12th December 1954 holds an MSc in Ecology   and Resource Management with Distinction from Edinburgh University UK.  Supported by Ashoka, Osmond founded the Njeremoto Biodiversity Institute (NBI-Zimbabwe) in 2004 with a mandate to facilitate Sustainable Time Controlled Grazing in Arid and Semi-arid Rangeland Ecosystems and is the implementing agent while is the fund raiser for the Institute (NBI-Zimbabwe).

The Njeremoto Biodiversity Institute focuses on rehabilitation of degraded rangelands for poverty eradication and sustainable livelihoods in arid rangelands

This innovation is a whole catchment and whole society management. Which is the basis of a solution for rehabilitation of Semi-arid rangelands degradation by adopting time controlled grazing based on Indigenous Shona Grazing Management Practices and modern science. Heavy stocking rates for short period (7 to 21 days) followed by long recovery periods (equivalent to full summer recovery in Zimbabwe – 180 days Nov to Apr). Land divided into adequate units such that 1/3 of the area is grazed in early summer, 1/3 in late summer and 1/3 receives full summer recovery period (not grazed) over and above the arable area by natural boundaries (no fencing at all). These units are rotated annually by herders. This can be constituted by having herding groups made out of three traditional village heads (kraalheads) areas who have common grazing areas.

This is simulation of the community herding that was characteristic of the Shona hamlets of Zimbabwe in the 16th to the 18th Century. Villagers herded animals in turns (“Majanha”). As an example, a village with 30 families then, each family took 7 days to look after the whole village herd. When the family had the turn, it grazed the animal close to its arable since it wanted to work in its field while children looked after the animals near her. This meant the rest of the areas around the other 29 families, was resting. It would take 7 days x 29 households = 203 days for the animals to come back to the first family. But this is more than the summer period (180 days). This meant that only 26 families (7 x 26 = 182 days) would have turns to herd cattle and the other 4 families’ area around the field would have a full summer recovery.

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Professional Kitchen & Laundry Solutions

Professional Kitchen & Laundry Solutions is one of the leading suppliers of Industrial and commercial kitchen and laundry equipment in Southern Africa.
Our exclusive partnership with Electrolux Professional not only provides us with a global brand offering, but assures you piece of mind of an international brand.
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Scientific Engineering

Scientific Engineering is a leading manufacturer and distributor of a selective range of plug-in easy-to-use industrial range of food service equipment.
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