Ada Osakwe joined the One Acre Fund board in 2017. She is the Founder and Chief Executive of Agrolay Ventures, an investment firm targeting early-stage agribusiness and food-related companies and projects in Africa. She is also the founder of Nuli Juice, a farm-to-table restaurant chain in Nigeria that works to create markets for smallholder farmers.

Agrolay Ventures

Agrolay Ventures is a private investment firm dedicated to growing the agriculture and food sectors in Africa. We are a venture capital investor in early-stage agribusiness and food-related companies and projects that seek to redefine the food production and retail opportunity across Africa’s large consumer markets.

Our team has deep experience in entrepreneurship, venture capital & private equity investing, food product development, investment structuring and strategy consulting across Africa, uniquely positioning the firm to exploit and harness the vast opportunities of the African food landscape.

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Afua Osei and Yasmin Belo-Osagie — co-founders of the media and events company SheLeadsAfrica — coined the moniker to refer to members of their fast-growing online sisterhood of millennial urban women united by a shared ambition to build businesses or carve fulfilling careers. Judging by the crowds at their SheHive networking events in Lagos and Abuja, the duo appear to have identified a big market for the inspirational content on their website and the support they offer start-ups.

Whether such enthusiasm will seed significant numbers of viable businesses will be a bellwether of possible transformation in Nigeria. Ms Osei and Ms Belo-Osagie are cheerleading a new generation familiar with networking on social media who are determined to defy the patronage-based norms of a society where success has traditionally hinged on finding a powerful patron, known colloquially as a “godfather”.

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